Animated image of Mike Gilman, LMHC, seated in a chair, and therapy dog Mia, on a couch. A rainbow heart and American flag hang over the couch.

I bring real-world experience to my clients. 

My life experience allows me to be more relatable with diverse groups.  Before becoming a licensed therapist, my path led me to an education in music and performance, twenty-five years in retail management, and even some time as a first responder.

As a therapist, the ability to observe powerful changes in my clients after EMDR is very rewarding.

Along with working with veterans, my experience as a first responder drives my mission to help the brave people that risk their lives for everyone in our communities.

My time working with those involved in the Pulse Night Club Shooting and other who experienced their own trauma has heightened my mission to embrace the significance of being part of the Central Florida community.

Diverse group of seven teens smiling and laughing
Photo of therapy dog Mia

Hi! I am Mia, and I’m a happy Havanese.

I love people and love to cuddle and am training to be a therapy dog. I look forward to seeing you in the office with Mike real soon.